Conversion of DSDP paleontology data on DSDP CD ROM Data Set to ASCII format

In 1989, the U.S. National Geophysical Data Center (NGDC) has published the Marine Geological and Geophysical Data from the Deep Sea Drilling Project in form of two CD-Roms. On Volume I, Sediment/Hardrock and Reference Files, a wealth of paleontological data is available, which, however, requires special data extraction procedures.

In order to fascilitate the usage of this information Pierre A. Zippi has converted all paleontology data contained on Vol. 1 to ASCII spreadsheet format, which is more readily useful with standard spreadsheet, statistics, range charting and stratigraphic analysis applications on any computer platform (Mac, PC, UNIX, etc.). The resulting files were made available to the public by Zippi and can be ftp downloaded from this site in form of two compressed archives.

The data consists of 2093 individual data sets for 21 different fossil types. Uncompressed, the collection of data sets is 19.5 MB. DSDP_data1.sit is 1.9 MB, DSDP_data2.sit is 1.6 MB in size. Use Stuffit Expander 5.5 to unstuff.

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The original DSDP paleontology data is contained in multiple file locations on DSDP CD-ROM Vol. 1. The scattered data contained in the "PALEO".REF, AGECODE.REF, SITESUM.DAT and "PALEO".DAT data file was assembled into a single spreadsheet of samples in rows by categories (taxa plus some sample specific information in columns. The data portion of the spreadsheet is preceded by several header lines that provide hole specific information,such as location, DSDP publication, page references, etc. The data sets were defined by hole and fossil type. A description of the used conversion software is available at

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